Monday, November 11, 2013

A Word from the Subterra:Go Underground Crew

You know how it is when a baby bird is newly hatched, fresh to the world and on its first flight out of the nest it slams into a window or a cat rips it apart or a falcon decides the bird is its afternoon snack?

Well, that's not what's happening with Subterra: Go Underground

Dennis and I believe in this project.  We've spent months planning it out.  The first issue of script is complete.  We've put serious time and energy into this little birdie.  It's important to us. 

But our comic is a bit like a different little bird that takes its first handful of flights and forays out into the world and comes back to the nest to power-up and milk Dennis and me of energy before flying off again.  We love it dearly, but our little bird is just too taxing at this point in life.  Little bastard demands a TON of worms and grubs.  And as good parents, we've just got to push this little dude out the nest for awhile and keep him out.  There are other eggs to hatch.  Eggs made of responsibilities and jobs and travel and relationships.

Still, our first born birdie, Subterra, isn't done for yet.  Because what I've failed to mention that this bird isn't some everyday, cute songbird.  This bird is a phoenix.  And what do phoenixes do, our dear readers?  They perish for a time and then they come back from the ashes.

Subterra: Go Underground isn't finished.  It's just resting, regenerating.  It'll be back in a stronger, more dynamic form.  It'll have fiery wings and a beak made of gold and talons that can geld.  When it comes back, swooping down on the other baby birds known as Money Worries, Familial Duties and Blah Blah Blah, it'll be like, "Behold, siblings.  I'm back.  Get the hell out of my nest."

Dennis and I will will let you know when it comes back home to roost.

Thanks for you patience and understanding and your belief in what we do.  Your support is awesome and fortifying.  You all are stellar humans.


Erica and Dennis

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