Welcome, all ye underground explorers.  You've dug up Subterra: Go Underground, unearthed it, plumbed the ground for its treasurey treasures.

Okay, enough of that. 

Dennis Coyle III and I don't want to tell you what this comic is about.  We want you to read what it's about via these fancy, arty pages we'll be releasing weekly, right here, at

For now, some words about the writer and the artist.

Erica Crockett is fond of writing novels, comics and short stories.  She's also fond of all fermented meats and Munster cheese.  She's also fond of finding her readership and is willing to send salami chubs to anyone that proclaims to be her most loyal, most willing-to-flatter fan.  Keep up to date with all her malarkey and oddness at

Dennis Coyle III is neat.  Also, he's an amazing artist.  Besides being neat and an amazing artist, he likes bacon.  Who doesn't like people that like bacon?  That's just like hating a fluffy little chick.  Exactly the same.  Master Coyle has inked and colored and penciled for many talented writers but Mistress Crockett has blocked all her scribe-competitors' names from her mind for the moment.  Read all about his wondrous wonder at

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